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FiXX Coffee offers award-winning flavours to suit all coffee lovers.

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About our Coffee Beans & Ground

Choose from dark roasts to light roasts, from coffee beans or ground coffee. Our range includes decaf coffee, organic coffee and single origin speciality coffees. Suitable for a variety of different methods of brewing, whether it’s espresso, pour-over, cafetiere or anything in between.

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What’s the difference between light and dark roasts?

There are a couple of differences between light and dark roasted coffee. The main difference being their flavour profiles. Light roasts tend to have a brighter acidity and a delicate body. The coffee beans are heated for a shorter time at a lower temperature. Light roasted coffee usually works best served as filter coffee. Dark roasts are more rich and bold with a heavier body. The coffee beans are heated for longer and at a higher temperature. Dark roasted coffee tends to be more suitable for espresso-based drinks especially with milk.

What’s the best way to store coffee beans & ground?

To keep your coffee beans & ground fresh, it is advisable to store in an airtight container. Coffee should be stored in a dry, dark place out of direct sunlight. A storage clip also keeps your bag of coffee sealed shut, which stops your coffee from becoming stale. Click here to read our blog on Tips for storing your favourite FiXX at home.

Is there a decaffeinated coffee option available?

Yes, we offer a multi-award winning 99.9% decaffeinated coffee in both coffee beans and ground coffee. Our FiXX Decaf has won the Great Taste Awards for its rich depth of flavour and long-lasting taste. We also have FiXX Decaf capsules available to purchase.

What grind size should my coffee be?

The grind size you choose depends on the type of brew equipment you are using and your personal preference. Click here to read our blog on What is the best grind size to use - the Ultimate Guide


We offer delivery in Ireland by DPD couriers which means your coffee arrives at your door within 1-2 working days. We ship worldwide using DHL couriers, and depending on your location the coffee order arrives between 3-10 working days. Once your shipment has been dispatched, we update you with your relevant courier tracking number.