Iced Matcha Latte

Iced Matcha Latte

Refresh, relax, repeat. A hot summers day is no time to be overdoing things. Keep it simple. But also, keep it delicious. And the Iced Matcha Latte is just that. Simple and delicious (healthy, too!). So all you have to do is refresh, relax, repeat. 




  • Matcha Powder - 2g (1 tsp)Hot Water - 15ml (1tbs)
  • Milk (dairy or non-dairy) - 200ml
  • Sweetener (optional) - brown sugar/honey/vanilla/maple syrup
  • Nutmeg (optional)
  • Ice




  1. Add 2g of Matcha Powder to a small jug or bowl, add 15ml of hot water, and mix well, ensuring no lumps. If you want to, add your choice of sweetener now and combine.
  2. Next, add your milk of choice to a tall glass full of ice, leaving room at the top for your Matcha.
  3. Pour over your matcha mixture and stir to reveal your vibrant, delicious Iced Matcha Latte.
  4. Finally, sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg and enjoy!


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