Cold Cubano

Cold Cubano

With the long weekend upon us, the flavour elves at FiXX got busy formulating concoctions. And they've unearthed a new cold brew cocktail for your enjoyment. It involves bringing your long-game, but it's worth it. We call it the Cold Cubano.

First step, is to make your cold brew. We used the simple to do at home, immersion method:

Put 60g of coarsely ground FiXX Cubano in a large container with 500ml of cold water.

Mix so as all the coffee gets wet, then cover and leave to sit for 18 hours (if you do this step in the fridge, make sure you have an airtight container).

Next, strain to remove all the coffee grinds. Paper filters work best if you have one. If you are familiar with FiXX Cubano, you'll be amazed by the change in flavour profile the cold brew process brings.

Now for the fun part! Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the following...

▪️ 120ml FiXX Cubano - cold brewed
▫️ 25ml White Rum
▪️ 25ml Kahlua
▫️ Juice of 1/4 lime

Shake well, pour into a chilled martini glass and enjoy (responsibly, of course).

This recipe will work well with any of your favourite FiXX blends but works best with FiXX Cubano.