Iced Coffee
February 02, 2024

A refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer day is music to my ears. And while there are many ways to brew and experiment with iced coffee, this recipe is your first-stop essential go-to. Uncomplicated and rewarding. All you will need is your favourite FiXX, brewing equipment and, of course, ice.

Firstly, brew your FiXX the way you prefer (espresso/filter/french press). Next, fill a large glass/mug/jam jar with lots of ice. Then simply pour your coffee over the ice and enjoy. You can top it up with cold water or milk to dilute.

But why stop there? Add a splash of flavoured syrup. Some condensed milk, perhaps? You could even add a drop of something more potent if the occasion calls for it. Either way, the power is yours. You can also learn much more about iced and cold brew coffees in this handy blog.



     Two glasses of iced coffee

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