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The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers - All for Under €50!

Every day is a school day when you love coffee. With different ways to brew and unique coffee beans to try, there is always something to learn. And when you love coffee as we do, you want to spread this love around. 

Giving the gift of coffee is always a great idea. But with so many different coffee gadgets, tools and blends out there, deciding what to gift can be confusing. And so we put together this quick gift guide for coffee lovers: a list of affordable gifts, all under €50, for those beginning their coffee journey or for those already on their way. 


Read on to find out more. 



What are some budget-friendly gift options for coffee lovers?

There is never a bad time for thoughtful gifts, especially when they're budget-friendly. Luckily, when it comes to coffee, you've got lots of options. But for simplicity, I'll break it down into three categories: brewers, coffee accessories and coffee. So, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or whatever, you'll find something in this blog if you know an avid coffee drinker. First up, brewers.



Best coffee brewers for under €50

1.Hario V60

I'm gonna start with a surefire classic of coffee brewing, the Hario V60 coffee brewer. This pour-over filter brewer is a must for any coffee lover, no matter where they are on their coffee journey. They are inexpensive, simple to use, and deliver consistent results. At FiXX, we offer the 01 & 02 sizes, essentially a one or two cup option (250ml or 500ml), but a 03 size does exist. And they come in various materials, from ceramic to stainless steel, glass or copper. 


But it's the plastic option that's the winner for me. Not only are they close to indestructible, they're also easy to preheat, and they hold this heat well. This helps extraction, resulting in a tastier cup of coffee. But they're also great value, with 01 prices starting at €7.50! The Hario V60 filter papers are sold separately, but even with them, the combined prices come to €15.50, making the Hario V60 an excellent gift idea.



I love the AeroPress. In fact, I love it so much that I wrote a whole blog about why I love it (you can read that here, by the way!). But I'm also not alone in this opinion. Since its release, it has gone on to woo the coffee world to the point it now has its own World Championship. And the reasons are simple. They make great coffee in a number of different ways. They're simple to use and clean, and they're practically unbreakable. And on top of all that, they're reasonably priced at €40.


The AeroPress coffee brewer makes a fantastic gift for the coffee lover in your life. And if you need any more convincing, then I'll point you again to my blog!


3.Moka Pot

It's another classic of coffee brewing, the Bialetti Moka Pot. It's about as iconic as a brewer can be. Classic, elegant and unmistakable. So much so that most of you reading this probably have one somewhere in the kitchen right now. But what about one splashed in colour? The rainbow collection by Bialetti is their masterful brewer but in vibrant colours that pop on any kitchen countertop.


You can get a good-sized 3-cup for €32 or the super cute 1-cup for €29. 


4.Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper coffee breewer is a fantastic and budget-friendly coffee gift for a few reasons. With its unique design, you get the ease of a pour-over brewer with the rich flavour kick of a French press. You can tinker with stuff like how long you let it steep, grind size and the water temp, so it's a bit of a coffee DIY experience. This makes it an excellent choice for someone who is already a coffee fan. Plus, it's a breeze to clean, and you don't need fancy filters, so it's a wallet-friendly choice for enjoying your favourite FiXX at home.



Best coffee accessories for under €50


If you want to be serious about your coffee, having a digital scale is an absolute must. When it comes to brewing coffee at home or anywhere, a whole list of variables can impact the brewing process—grind size, water temperature, brew time, and so on. Following a recipe is the perfect way to control these variables. And knowing exactly how much coffee and water you use is vital in following a recipe.


The Yagua Digital Scales ticks all these boxes. It's also pocket-sized, meaning you can easily take it on your holidays! Because if you're as much of a coffee nerd as I am, you bring some brewing toys with you wherever you go!


2.Coffee Gator

So perhaps you want to buy a coffee gift for someone you know already loves coffee. Well, like most coffee enthusiasts, myself included, having options to keep your selection of coffees as fresh as possible is a must. In fact, no matter where someone is on their coffee journey, keeping your coffee fresh is essential! 


Restricting coffee's exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture will keep it fresher and more delicious for longer. And the CoffeeGator Canister will do all of these things. It also has a date wheel so you can set it to when you opened your bag and track its freshness. This makes it an ideal gift for anyone who loves their coffee.



As mentioned above, restricting coffee's exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture will help maintain its freshness. But buying whole-bean coffee and grinding when needed is another way to preserve freshness. Ground coffee is tiny particles compared to whole beans and will decay much faster when exposed to these elements. But of course, if you're gonna buy whole beans, you'll need a grinder. For entry-point grinders, you've got a few options. They have pros and cons, but they all come under €50. Here's a rundown of some choices.


  • Rhinowares Hand Grinder: This stylish grinder is made of stainless steel, making it highly durable, enjoyable to use and portable. The adjustable ceramic burrs do not transfer heat to the coffee bean giving a more uniform grind, allowing you to get the best flavour from your coffee.
  • Hario Skerton Manual Grinder: This high-quality grinder from the makers of the V60 is made of glass, which makes it more fragile and less portable than the Rhinoware. However, it does have twice the capacity (100g), which is a big plus point. Like the Rhinoware, it has adjustable ceramic burrs for a good uniform grind.
  • Bodum Electric Bistro Grinder: This Bodum grinder is a good quality grinder that'll do all the work at the touch of a button. However, it is not adjustable, meaning it'll only grind to one setting suitable for pour-over or French Press. And even then, the grind is never uniform. 


In a nutshell, manual grinders offer better grind quality and more choice of grind size. However, manually grinding your coffee first thing in the morning, before you've even had your coffee, can be hard work. The Bodum offers an easier grinding experience, but it is at the expense of grind quality. However, it is an excellent entry-point grinder; you can find some hints here on improving the consistency in this YouTube video



Coffee Beans and Blends under €50

If you're thinking of coffee gifts, then what better than the gift of coffee itself? But how do you know what type of coffee someone likes? Well, you can always have a sneaky peek at their coffee setup. Or you can ask some discreet questions? But rest assured, all our FiXX Coffees are award winners, except for what's first on this list. But that's just because they're limited edition coffees that all get drunk before they can enter a competition!


1.FiXX Single Origin

Our FiXX Single Origin coffees are exceptional, small-batch coffees from around the world. Every Single Origin coffee is different, with many of them using unique processes to bring out amazing flavours. These coffees come in 250g bags, each with a handy little information tag. And with new origins each month, there are generally a few to choose from. They're usually €14.50, with some special, exclusive runs being more. But usually, you can choose up to three and still get in under the €50 mark.


2.FiXX Decaf

Caffeine doesn't make coffee delicious. In fact, caffeine is actually a very bitter compound, so removing it is not necessarily a bad thing. But no matter the reasons someone may want decaf coffee, our multi-award-winning FiXX Decaf is full of flavour with none of the caffeine. It is available as whole beans, ground coffee or in our biodegradable, compostable coffee capsules.


3.FiXX Classic

To become a classic, you must first be an original. And FiXX Classic is just that. Our first offering to the coffee world is a reliable blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian and Sumatran beans that is an all-round crowd-pleaser. This multi-award-winning blend will please any coffee lover and is available as whole beans, ground coffee or in our biodegradable, compostable coffee capsules.



    Budget-friendly Subscription Services

    Ok, this one isn't under €50; it's €56.76, but that does include shipping, and it's a good one, so I'm gonna sneak it onto this list. With a FiXX Coffee subscription, you can have three shipments of 500g of whatever FiXX blend you like delivered straight to their door (in Ireland). It'll be like a gift that keeps on giving! You can set the frequency to how you like it. Once a week? No problem! Once a month? Sure thing! Every two weeks? Absolutely. 


    And if you're unsure what FiXX blend someone may enjoy, you can get a variety subscription. This way, they'll receive a new blend with each order. 




    So there you have it. Hopefully, you've found something useful in there. Remember, budget-friendly doesn't mean cheap. All these products are high quality and will make a thoughtful coffee gift for someone, no matter where they are in their coffee journey. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look around this site at our other gift options and see what else you can find, even if you're only gifting for yourself!


    Thanks for reading.



    • Kevin Acheson

    Kevin has worked in and around the coffee industry for over 20 years in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia.