What is Zing?

Zing is a term used to describe that lovely feeling you get from drinking your first FiXX of the day.


Where Does the Term Zing Come From?

Legend has it that the term Zing was bestowed upon us by none other than Emperor Zing of the Zing Dynasty in the 16th century. He was a man of great wit and linguistic charm and is said to be the first person to bring coffee to Asia.


Is that true?

Sure, why not.


What Other Words Can Be Used Instead of Zing?

Zap. Zonk. Zapow. Zig-a-zig-ahh?


That sounds like an Adam West Batman fight!

True. But have you ever tried to fight a Batman villain without the letter Z? It's impossible!


Why Do They All Begin With "Z"?

Look, I'll be honest: I just needed something that began with the letter Z to complete this glossary. But what is true is that the beautiful feeling of a good cup of FiXX Coffee first thing in the morning could be described as Zing!