FiXX Single Origin - Winter Coffee Special Release

Colombia - Finca La Pradera Red Berry Infused

With tasting notes of red berries, chocolate, and a berry-like acidity, we decided to keep this unique find for our once-off Special Release FiXX offering. Hailing from the lush Quindo region of Colombia, this fantastic coffee is bursting with festive flavours. The process utilises a combination of anaerobic fermentation and the honey method to achieve a unique and distinctive flavour profile. Hand-selected ripe cherries undergo a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks with fresh red berries. The technique results in a clean, complex cup, which we are delighted to feature. We hope you enjoy this Special Release treat as much as we do.

TASTING NOTES: White chocolate, berry-like, fruity.
*Coffee is available as beans or ground to order!


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