Ethics and Sustainability

Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics & Social Responsibilities: 

Businesses work in a wider social environment in which they have a responsibility to a range of stakeholders including the wider community.  At Hancock & Abberton we believe that businesses do not work in isolation but that we have a responsibility to creating to a healthy and prosperous society.

This responsibility is reflected through ethical practice. Ethical practice involves doing the right thing rather than the wrong one, and is based on operating in a 'moral way'.

Corporate social responsibility involves making sure that:
Our goods and services meet customer requirements, and are provided in a fair way.

 Our business activity impacts positively on the lives of people in many ways, ranging from the creation of a safe and clean environment, through clean , passionate yet careful production, to the creation of jobs  and opportunities for members of the community.  

Our business is involved in relevant sponsorship and corporate giving activities that are relevant and helpful to the community.  

We pride ourselves on being a good neighbour, so we reach out to help when we can.  One of our favourite associations is with FOCUS IRELAND.

The services Focus Ireland provide are critical in solving homelessness in Ireland and aim to help prevent people from becoming homeless; support people who are homeless; and most importantly to help people find a place they can call home, as quickly as possible, and to settle and live independently in the community. However the manner way in which they deliver these services is as important to us as the services themselves. The culture and practises at Focus Ireland are underpinned by our core values of treating everyone with Respect, delivering Quality in everything, ensuring Safety, following ethos of Empowerment.

We are also happy to support in a practical way with supplying coffee and tea  (often to help move short life products and not have wastage) to any of the non profit organisations out there who may have use for such beverages .  If so why not contact us on

A Commitment to operate in legal compliance and with integrity:
At Hancock & Abberton, we commit to operate in legal compliance and with integrity, to obey all applicable laws and regulations while conducting business. To act with integrity and make ethical decisions for our business, our shareholders, our employees and our consumers, because their trust and confidence is critical to our success. 

Each employee has a personal responsibility to conduct business legally and ethically

Everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity.
We focus on where we can make a difference in our business operations, with our direct suppliers and in the broader community. The expectations we set for ourselves are the expectations we also communicate to our suppliers.

Making a Sustainable Difference:

Sustainability is about protecting our greatest resources, land, air, water and people. At Hancock & Abberton we focus on those areas where we can have the greatest impact and that mean the most to our business performance. 
Agricultural Supply Chain:  Our business depends on a quality supply of farm products, today and in the future. That’s why we support sustainable farming projects. It’s good for our business, helps the environment and can improve the lives of local farmers.

Environmental Policy:  We only have one planet.  So all of us need to work together and find ways to use less energy, water and other resources and reduce the waste we generate.  Simple office practices such as recycling  paper / re using packaging and only printing when absolutely necessary are  inherent in our office and warehouse culture.

Food Safety and Quality:  People know they can trust the safety and quality of our products. That trust is important to us. And that’s why we work so hard to make quality products that delight our consumers. Along with our suppliers we have  put in place strong food safety and quality systems for our ingredients and our products.   

Nutrition & Well-Being:  We believe that you can enjoy what you drink and  live a healthy lifestyle.  We are proud consumers of our own products (perhaps too much sometimes !!) and it is essential that we pass on our knowledge and enthusiasm so that coffee and tea drinkers can understand, appreciate and enjoy our products.
We believe that there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. If this equilibrium is maintained, then social responsibility is accomplished.