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BCB - Latte Art Training Tool / Milk Substitute (Barista Carl Blend)

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Latte art can be a spectacular invitation. A sign of a dedicated barista of skill and passion. It takes a lot of practice. And it also takes a lot of milk. So, wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to practice these skills without having to waste litre after litre of milk?

BCB is the answer. A non-toxic, non-consumable formula for barista training that perfectly replicates and behaves like milk when frothed. Adding a few drops of BCB to cold water in your milk jug can create perfectly glossy white liquid when steamed.

It is the ideal tool for training baristas in latte art without the guilt of wasting milk and money. So, you can practice latte art until the cows come home! One refillable 30ml bottle can replace up to 20ltr of milk!


-Stops Milk Waste

BCB Latte Art Training Tool
BCB Latte Art Training Tool Refill