Brew Guide - Electric Filter Brewer (Percolator)

These brewers are ideal for those who want minimum fuss first thing in the morning. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to get going.


What you'll need

  • Coffee: 60g
  • Water: 1Ltr
  • Grind size: Medium Coarse
  • Temp: 95°C (brewed)
  • Time: 8 mins



  • Rinse and place filter paper in the brew basket 
  • Insert the brew basket into the brewer
  • Add fresh, cold water to the water tank
  • Switch the brewer on to commence the brew cycle 
  • Brew time is 4-5 minutes
  • Allow the brew to finish (lights switching red/green or on/off)
  • Do not leave the pot sitting on the hot plate
  • Serve immediately 
  • Enjoy

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