The Chemex is an outstanding, classic brewer that uses a double-bonded filter paper to create fantastic clarity in the final cup of coffee. But ultimately, it is only a pour-over coffee brewer. And so, this method will work with any other pour-over filter brewer like a Hario V60. Just adjust your coffee-to-water ratio.


What you'll need

  • Coffee: 60g
  • Water: 1Ltr
  • Grind: Medium 
  • Water temp: 95°C
  • Brew Time: 8min



  • Boil water 
  • Rinse the filter and brewer with hot water, then discard the water
  • Add ground coffee to the filter
  • Use a pouring kettle or regular kettle 
  • Pour slowly to saturate coffee, which swells (the bloom)
  • Stop and wait as water travels through the coffee bed (approx 45 seconds) 
  • Pour again with slow circular movements to wet all the coffee  
  • Leave to sit until all water has filtered through 
  • Repeat until 1 ltr of water has been poured
  • Remove the filter, and the coffee is ready to pour
  • Enjoy

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