Cafetiere / French Press Brew Guide

The French Press is a fantastic entry-point brewer. One of the reasons for this is its simplicity and ability to brew full-bodied, consistent cups of coffee. Here's a nice simple recipe to get going.


What you'll need

  • Coffee to water ratio: 60g:1Ltr
  • Grind Size: Coarse
  • Water temp: 95°C
  • Time: 10 min



  • Rinse Cafetiere with hot water to preheat
  • Dispense ground coffee into Cafetiere
  • Add hot water 
  • Stir the coffee  
  • Leave to brew for four minutes
  • Place filter plunger on top of Cafetiere, 
  • Push down gently and let the coffee settle before serving
  • Pour coffee slowly through the mesh and spout 
  • Enjoy

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