What has been done... and what we are doing


At FiXX, we never want surplus unused coffee, but if it happens, we partner with  FoodCloud, a Dublin based organisation whose goal is to reduce food waste. They connect businesses which have surplus food with charities and community groups that need it. FiXX have been supporting them since they began in 2012.




All wholesale trade packaging is made from recycled material.

Our retail 250g bags will be swapped out for recycled material. We are currently working on the label piece to ensure the glues and inks are also eco-friendly and biodegradable. Supply chain challenges have meant that this is taking longer than we had hoped, but we are now happy to have found a solution to activate during 2022.

Our recently launched range of FiXX Capsules are fully biodegradable and compostable, and the outer box is created from recycled card.

The hessian jute bags our green beans are supplied in are recycled and used to create carpet underlay.



  • FiXX takeaway coffee cups use reCup® technology. In production since 2017, this revolutionary design uses a highly mineralised resin instead of plastic, Polyethene. ReCup® products not only suit how waste is collected and processed in Ireland but also are compatible with green or brown bins. (You can find out more in this blog)
  • To complement this, our lids are created using CPLA, a renewable material made from plants, these too are both easily recycled or composted. 
  • Our FiXX Keep Cups are a great solution for the reducing the reliance on  single use cups (click here to see range)

We look forward to seeing how the cup levy in Ireland is both implemented and policed and believe if done well it has the potential to change our habits for the better.




Keeping and maintaining an espresso machine is a vital step in coffee service. But you don't need chemical-based products that cost the earth. 

That's why we use Puly Caff's Verde range of cleaning products. Both in-house and for our clients. This cleaning powder is 100% Organic, and all packaging is either fully recycled or recyclable. 

(click here to see the range)




To avoid unnecessary milk waste during barista training, we use BCB. A non-toxic, non-consumable, food-safe formula for barista training that perfectly replicates milk when frothed. One refillable 30ml bottle of this fantastic product can replace up to 20ltr of milk! Finally, a way to perfect your latte art without the guilt of wasting milk and money. 

Click here to see the product.



  • General packagingSince 2014, all our outer shipping boxes, both wholesale and e-commerce, have been made from recycled cardboard. 
  • Stationary supplies: Masking tapes / paper / printed marketing materials / inks are all recycled or plant based where possible. 
  • Our lighting is Led sensor lighting.
  • Our coffee equipment is on eco mode.
  • Our water is filtered at the source (good for excellent tasting coffee!)
  • Our cleaning materials are certified organic where possible.