What you can do


If you are a FiXX customer, then, THANK YOU.......and we have outlined a guide on how best to dispose of any items we supply


FiXX kg Coffee Bags: Green Bin (general recycling)

250g Coffee Bags (beans or ground): Green Bin (general recycling)

FiXX Capsules: Outer packaging and inner card - Green Bin (general recycling)

Spent/Used FiXX Capsules: Capsule, coffee and lid all into the Brown Bin (food compost bin if available); otherwise, Black Bin (general waste) 

Wholesale trade outer boxes: Green Bin (general recycling)

E-com boxes:  Green Bin (general recycling)

E-com inserts: (recipe cards, packing slips, etc.) Green Bin (general recycling)


Waste Coffee

Disposing of your waste correctly is an important step we all should take. But if you can reuse something, that is better again. In our blog piece "Coffee! Can You Dig It?" we share tips and ideas of some of the things you can do with your used coffee.


The Sustainability journey is continuous, we cannot travel it alone, but at FiXX, we are committed to doing our part. We welcome your thoughts and ideas about what else we can all do to keep us on track.