Ethically Traded Coffee

Ethically Traded Coffee

At Fixx Coffee our sourcing policy is to have 100% traceability from bean to cup for all of our coffees.

This is made possible by partnering with Mercanta Coffee Hunters, whose policy is to find coffee growers whose philosophy is simple... 

  • Pay the farms a fair price and be assured of quality and consistency each time.
  • Pay workers more means you find and retain a skilled work force.
  • Encourage wildlife and birds on the farms and you are less reliant on insecticides.
  • Use organic composting and there is less or no need for chemical fertiliser.


We reward fairly the grower for production of Speciality Grade Coffee with prices substantially above the cost of production and substantially above the internal or external market price, including the Fair Trade Pricing which is set annually. The growers are treated as partners to bring the finest coffees in the world to the attention of the discerning consumers.

With our partners in Cuba, the state guarantees to buy the coffee harvest crop each year from the growers. Hence farmers are assured of an annual income. This rate is reviewed annually and is in excess of the rate for Fair Trade. The state also determines the distribution both for domestic and worldwide consumption. Hancock & Abberton is proud of their claim to carry the largest volume of export Cuban Coffee brands in the world outside of Cuba.