FiXX Single Origin - Burundi Commune of Kayanza

Burundi- Commune of Kayanza

This month's offering is something different and a first for us here at FiXX. It is a Yeast Incolualted (Cima) Dry Natural processed coffee from the Kayanza region of Burundi. Yeast inoculation is common in wine and beer making, allowing individual grapes or hops to express different flavour profiles. Cima is a strain of yeast specifically designed for use in coffee fermentation. The coffee cherries are soaked in water and Cima for 36 hours before being sent to dry. This boost in fermentation adds complexity, acidity and brightness, highlighting fresh and fruity flavours.

TASTING NOTES: Tropical, Berry-like, Dark Chocolate

*Coffee is available as beans or ground to order!


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