Bonsoy - Soy Milk
January 28, 2020

We at FiXX believe in the delicious. We believe that wanting what's best for yourself and the planet should not mean having to compromise on quality or flavour. And for these reasons, we have chosen Bonsoy as our soy milk of choice. Made using whole organic, non GMO, golden soybeans and produced using age old practices by Japanese soymasters, Bonsoy possesses a beautiful creamy mouthfeel and taste, but retains the ability to be stretched like cow’s milk, making it the choice of leading baristas. 

FiXx cup and Bonsoy milk

The demand for non dairy alternatives to milk is no fad, nor should it be treated as such. When your customers ask for a soy latte, Bonsoy can make it as beautiful and as creamy as a latte should be. If they want a soy cappuccino, wouldn’t it be nice to give them one both frothy and creamy? And if they just want soy milk on the side of their coffee, wouldn’t it be nice to know it won’t split and curdle? 


A bit of history...

Born 1983 in Melbourne, Australia, Bonsoy has gone on to become one of the biggest selling soymilk downunder and features heavily at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) which this year plays host to the World Barista Championship as well as the World Brewers Cup. Coffee culture is big business in Australia and the Aussies are serious about their coffee. In fact, 95% of all cafes are independently owned. Across the entire continent, there are only 28 Starbucks compared to 51 in Dublin alone. And anyone who has spent time in Australia will be familiar with the sight of bright yellow boxes of Bonsoy stocked high in almost every cafe.

So why is it so good?

Well, most soy milks are made using a soy isolate, which is a highly refined soy protein flour. Part of the production process of this flour involves ‘defatting’ the soybean, which removes the non protein part of the bean (i.e the fat and carbohydrates) leaving behind a protein packed flour. However, when this is mixed with water to make into a milk, its consistency is, unsurprisingly, very watery. So to give the soymilk a creamy texture, it is bulked out with oils and sugar. Seems a tad counterproductive to be honest. But the reality is, soybeans in their complete form, especially organic, are more expensive and laborious to work with and so, soy isolates are by far the most popular. 

It's all natural...

Using the traditional method of using whole, non GMO, organic soybeans is exactly what Bonsoy does. Beans are selected according to quality through a grading process and then washed, steamed and split in two. They are then finely ground into a flour and heated with filtered water. The natural milk is extracted from this and an additional four ingredients are added. Tapioca syrup for sweetness, Hato Mugi (a japanese grass seed sometimes called Job’s Tears) which enhances its natural nutty flavour, Sea Salt for flavour and Calcium Carbonate for a myriad of reasons. It's a good calcium supplement, it aids in digestion and it's also useful as an anticaking agent. Which brings Bonsoys’ ingredient list in at a fantastically low 6 ingredients. All of which are natural! On top of this, by using the whole soybean and retaining the natural fats there in, Bonsoy can be stretched like cow’s milk to create Latte art and won’t split like a lot of soy milks out there. 

Bonsoy latte

But why stop at the coffee cup? Bonsoy is delicious in smoothies or on your cereal. It is also a fantastic milk replacement for all your cooking or baking needs. GMO Free. Sugar free. Gluten free. No added preservatives, colours, flavours, chemicals or gums. No added oils. No kombu (sea veg) and endorsed by the Vegan Society, the oldest vegan society in the world. What’s not to love? 

So the next time you place an order with FiXX Coffee, why not request a sample of Bonsoy and find out what all the fuss is about. 



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