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What Happens When We Make Coffee?

June 27, 2018
When water comes into contact with ground coffee the flavours, colour and aroma from the coffee grind are extracted and dissolved in the water in a process called extraction.

The various flavours present in the coffee grind are released at different temperatures and times.  That is why it is so important that the temperature and time are right when brewing coffee. 

First and foremost, good coffee is a result of the quality of the raw materials (water and coffee). With practise on using the brewer of choice you will learn to extract the fabulous flavours while leaving behind those that can give too bitter a taste. If the water is too hot or the coffee is in contact with the water for too long the coffee will become overextracted and can often result in a bitter thin taste.   On the other hand if the coffee has been insufficiently extracted or the temperature is too low it will taste flat and weak. 

The most common word used to describe coffee is strong.  Many people believe that certain types of coffee are stronger than others.  This is not the case, no matter what type of coffee you are using; only so much can be extracted from coffee using the same dosage.  The strength of the coffee is a direct result of how much ground coffee used in proportion to the amount of water.

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