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Learn About Cuban Coffee

June 27, 2018

Cuban Coffee

For over two centuries Cuba has produced the finest Arabica coffee in the world, the flavour of which captures the excitement and passion of its people.

Cuban coffees are grown and cultivated under the forest canopies of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, in fine deep soil rich in humus and without the use of chemical products. Cuba 's climate, soil conditions and careful cultivation make for an almost faultless production.

The origins of Cuba's coffee can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748; however the industry did not flourish until 50 years later when French Colonists who had fled the Haitian Revolution settled in Cuba . These coffee plants found an ideal home in the most fertile soil and perfect climate in the world. The standards set by the early planters have been carried on through two centuries by the dedication of the Cuban people.

Though Cuba has never been known as a volume producer of the bean, in contrast it has earned a much sought-after coffee reputation due to the limited production each year and because of this Cuban coffee occupies a privileged position in the European and Asian markets.

Whether it is the first cup in the morning to get the day started or a leisurely drink in the evening amongst friends the Cubans' day is enriched by a coffee that reflects their passion for life.

Café de Cuba is delighted to introduce this treasured coffee to the UK and Ireland, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy the Cuban experience. At any time of the day, Cuban coffee will delight, revive and stimulate the senses.

Cuban Style Coffee

Café con leche – Cubans drink coffee for breakfast with or without milk, the coffee is served in a regular coffee cup and accompanied by sugar and small cup of hot milk.

Café Cubano or Cafecito is normally served after lunch or dinner in a small cup and resembles an espresso shot, the Cubans love to add sugar and it is always served alongside cold water

No matter how you drink Cuban Coffee, it tastes great.

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