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How To Use a Moka Pot, Stove Pot or Espresso Pot

June 27, 2018

Despite their name these coffee makers do not make true espressos, instead they brew a thick rich cup of coffee that is best served in a demitasse (espresso size) cup.

Consisting of three chambers, the bottom chamber is used to heat the water, the middle one contains the ground coffee and the top chamber is the area the coffee brews into (where the coffee ends up).

  1. Fill the bottom chamber with cold water.  
    Note: The level of water inside must not exceed the level notches.
  2. Insert the funnel shaped filter into the bottom chamber. 
  3. Fill the filter with ground coffee and pack lightly. Clean any coffee from the rim of the bottom chamber (Use a medium fine grind).Coffee measures:  - Using one flat scoop of coffee 7g per cup serving.  (1 dessertspoon = 7 grams) 
  4. Ensure the top is screwed tightly to the bottom chamber.
  5. Place the pot on the stove over medium heat. 
  6. Steam and water will travel from the bottom chamber, through the middle chamber and up through a spout. Brewing should take approx. 4 minutes depending on your type of Moka Pot. 
  7. When top chamber if full off coffee, remove from heat. Pour and enjoy.

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