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How To Store Your Coffee Correctly

June 27, 2018
  • During roasting, the coffee produces carbon dioxide.  This gas evaporates quickly and in a short time the bean loses its freshness and aroma unless it is correctly packaged.
    • Most ground coffees are vacuum packed in bricks or cans, while roasted beans are normally packaged in bags that have a one way valve. This one way valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape and prevents oxygen from entering.

    • Once opened coffee should be used as quickly as possible.  The basic principle for storing coffee is to have as little contact with air in order to protect its taste and aroma.  Keep the coffee in its original packaging and seal tightly after use. For example, a zip-lock bag, an air tight container or storage coffee grip

  • Store unopened coffee in a dry cool place and away from strongly flavoured products such as tea or spices.  The shelf life varies according to the type of packaging and the coffee format.   Contrary to popular belief coffee should not be stored in a refrigerator as it quickly picks up other scents and flavours.

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