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Halloween Spiced Pumpkin Mocha

June 27, 2018

To make our delicious Spiced Pumpkin Mocha you will need:

  •  A double shot of Fixx Espresso
  • Spiced Pumpkin Syrup
  • A generous tablespoon of 40% cocoa chocolate powder
  • Milk
  • A large mug. . . . of course.



    1. Put your chocolate powder into your mug along with 2 pumps of your Spiced Pumpkin Syrup.  Using a whisk or spoon, mix into a paste.

    2. Add your double shot of Fixx Espresso. Give a stir to make sure the coffee and chocolate paste have combined.

    3. Next, steam and froth your milk into a nice cappuccino like texture. Pour your milk into your mug at a steady pace making sure your froth is leaving the jug!

    4. Sprinkle with chocolate powder or use a chocolate sauce to have some fun writing your Halloween messages!

    5. The last step is, enjoy!

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