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Cha Story

June 27, 2018

Cha Story

Just as many colours make up a rainbow and many moods make up a person, many diverse teas make up India Tea. There is a cup for every mood.”

History of Indian Tea

The true origin of the tea plant is unknown; however it is believed that the Camilla sinensis assamica variety has its roots in Assam, India

The first Assam plant was officially recognised as a tea in 1834 and since its discovery tea has become an integral part of an Indian life style. It’s a commodity of friendship, if you visit a house in India you’re inevitably offered a cup of tea.

In India tea is consumed all year round with the spices that best compliment the season. In every home there is a different interpretation of tea. Some may drink it black, others have a simple chai (tea with milk added as part of the brewing process) and others may add a variety of spices (again as part of the brewing).

Assam means “one without equal” and this meaning should also apply to the tea itself. Known for its rich malty flavour and bright colour this bold beverage is often the base used in such familiar blends as Irish and English Breakfast Teas. Tea is an essential part of India’s economy, culture and history.

Accounting for 28% of the world’s tea production, India is the larges producer of black tea worldwide. The Indian environment is the ideal landscape for growing tea with each of its regions producing a distinct taste and flavour, from the bold Assam to the delicate muscatel tea of Darjeeling.

In more recent times tea in India has undergone a dramatic transformation to now include wellness blends and green teas. Tea plantations have shifted their production towards premium teas with the assistance of the Tea Board of India. The shift coincides with increased demand for Indian tea worldwide.

Tea is defined as the dried and processed leaves of the evergreen plant Camellia Sinensis (tea bush). Once brewed it becomes a beverage. The title tea is loosely used for many beverages, however unless the leaves are sourced from the tea bush then these drinks are not technically tea, but tisanes or herbal infusions.

Cha Flavours

Cha Teas are 100% pure single estate teas, handpicked from the slopes of the Himalayas and Nilgiris. Organically grown and harvested in a sustainable environment with social responsibility, the goodness of tea is not compromised. Our flavoured selections are blended with premium natural flavours. It is with pride that we say our teas satisfy your senses and your soul.

Pure Green

A blend of organically grown Nilgiri and Darjeeling teas. The subtle sweetness of Nilgiri blended with the unique muscatel flavour of Darjeeling give a mild astringency, full flavor and a smooth finish. Green tea has long been recognised for having antioxidant effects and excellent health benefits from prevention to cure. So enjoy a warm cup regularly.

Golden Mango

Pure green organic tea with naturally extracted mango flavour. Delicious in taste, mango is nutritionally rich and referred to as a super fruit. It is associated with the cleansing of skin, improved libido, aiding digestion and overall energizing. Combined with the health benefits of green tea, our fragrant Golden Mango tea is a real treat without any guilt. Enjoy hot or cold with a drop of honey.

Spring Mint

Pure green organic tea with natural mint flavour. The cooling and improved digestive effect of mint along with the excellent health benefits of green tea makes our Spring Mint tea a popular choice. So enjoy a cup regularly, either hot or cold.

Very Berry

Pure green organic tea with a mixture of natural extracted raspberry, cherry and strawberry flavours. Berries are rich in anthocyanins, which act as antioxidants. Bursting with flavour and with the excellent health benefits of green tea our Very Berry tea is most refreshing. So enjoy a cup regularly, either hot or cold.

Earl Grey

Pure black organic tea with naturally extracted flavour of bergamot. An elegant classic which can be savoured anytime. Bergamot oil is recognised as having anti-depressant and stimulating properties. We have also added a hint of vanilla which enhances the overall taste. So enjoy a cup regularly.

Pure Black

A blend of organically grown Assam, Nigiri and Darjeeling teas. Assam giving the body, Nilgiri providing subtle sweetness and Darjeeling its distinctive flavour. Black tea has many health benefits, most of them stemming from the polyphenols it contains. Our Pure Black tea is a beautifully balanced tea. So enjoy a cup regularly.

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