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Cha Ethics

June 27, 2018

Rainforest Alliance Certified

By sourcing sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified products, we are dedicated to purchasing agricultural products that have been grown according to internationally recognized environmental and social standards. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms protect forests, soils, waterways and wildlife habitat, and they ensure that farm workers benefit from decent wages, safe working conditions, dignified housing, medical care and schools for their children.

EU Organic Certified

The EU Organic Farming Certification assures you that Cha Tea meets all international organic standards. Organic farmers, processors and traders, must comply with strict EU requirements if they want to use the EU organic logo or label their products as organic.

The EU requires an equally strict control system with checks carried out at every stage of the organic chain. Every operator (farmer, processor, trader, importer or exporter) is checked at least once a year, or more often on the basis of risk assessment.

So whenever you buy organic food, you can be confident that it has been produced in accordance with strict environmental and animal welfare rules and checked accordingly.

Chamraj Estate School & Hospital

The Chamraj Estate where our Cha Teas originate, believes in reinvesting and supporting it’s own people.

The Chamraj Estate puts 9% of revenue back into the community to provide its own school, its own hospital and its own orphanage.




Chamraj Estate School


The children of employees are provided with a school and educational facility. The first school amongst the plantations was opened in 1979. This was followed by the Higher Secondary school in 1983. The response to these schools, from the labour, the staff and from the surrounding villages was overwhelming.

The computer education facilities at the Chamraj school is particularly advanced and is available to employees children and students of the school.



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